Autocar ACMD Xpert, ACTT XSpotter, ACX Xpeditor

Autocar Truck

Autocar is an American manufacturer of vocational trucks. Autocar's vehicles are Cab Over Engine (COE) or cab forward models that have a semi-hood vertical front, where the truck's cabin sits above the front axle. In a conventional truck, the engine is fixed in front of the driver. Autocar's cabin offers drivers more room and better visibility. Autocar vehicles are known for their durability.

Autocar Trucks Problems
  • Breaking down when improperly used and maintained.
  • Recalls for the ACX model due to hazards with different components, including the engine, ignition, air, and shaft sector, visibility/wiper.
  • Recalls for models equipped with Cummins natural gas-operated engines due to excessive engine crankcase pressures that could pose a fire risk.
  • Autocar Dot terminal tractor trucks could have problems with the DPF SYSTEM turning on.
  • Older models have to be equipped with DPFs and later year engines.