Hino 155(DC), 195(DC), 238, 258ALP, 268, 268A, 338, 195h, 195hDC

Hino Truck

Hino is the third largest truck manufacturer in the world. Its vehicles are considered to offer good performance and excellent reliability.

Hino Trucks Problems
  • The 08-10 trucks equipped with a DPF have problems with dirt building around the valve that lead to it being sucked shut. Oil pulls up into the engine and aggravates DPF clogging. The problem can be fixed by modifying the intake throttle valve on all six-cylinder engines.
  • Recalls were made on almost all trucks 08-14 for computer reprogramming that helps control soot, among other issues.
  • Improper maintenance and drivers that are not familiar with the DPF system or ignore its requests lead to truck issues.