Kenworth W900, T680, T880, K370, K270, T370, T270, T170, T800, T660, T440, C500

kenworth trucks

Kenworth is an American company manufacturing medium and heavy-duty trucks, Class 8. The company is a part of Paccar. Kenworth models are very comfortable. The seat goes back nice and far, and there is a lot of leg room. Trucks are very quiet inside and the visibility is outstanding for a conventional style truck. Kenworth trucks are the only long nose vehicles out there that can look good with a one piece windshield. Kenworths, particularly the W900's, sit up higher than other trucks.

Kenworth Trucks Problems
  • T800 can experience issues with the Lambda MX sensor and the mounting hardware, part of the truck’s emissions system. The fuel doser may need replacement.
  • The company recalled almost 1,500 trucks supplied with the Paccar MX-13 engines and Delco-Remy 40SI alternators for having alternator charge cables that could chafe against a formed metal freon discharge line. This may lead to an electrical short resulting in a fire.
  • The 2009 Kenworth with a Cummins may have problems with the turbo, the DPF filter, the air compressor, the EGR Cooler.
  • 2010 Kenworth T2000 with a Cummins Motor, may experience coolant burning and getting low every day and smoke coming out of the oil filler cap from the coolant burning.
  • Paccar recalled 11 types of Kenworth trucks because of a potential steer axle problem that could cause a loose connection between the tie rod and steering knuckle, increasing the risk of crash.
  • A large recall involved over 100,000 Kenworth trucks which had the potential to experience issues due to water leaking into the windshield’s wiper’s motor, ultimately disabling the wipers from operating properly or leading to an electrical short.