Mack Pinnacle Day Cab, Pinnacle Sleeper

mack truck

Mack is an American truck–manufacturing company founded in 1900. AB Volvo purchased Mack and Renault Trucks in 2000. Mack manufactures and sells trucks for regional hauling, flatbed & lowboy, LTL/van hauling, bulk hauling, and long haul.

Mack Trucks Problems
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation challenged Mack, in the same way it challenged other manufacturers. David McKenna, director of powertrain sales at Mack, named some of the issues their trucks faced.
  • Coolers could not face demands to lower exhaust gases from 1,000 Fahrenheit to 300 Fahrenheit in their small space of 24 inches.
  • Valves did an unsuccessful job.
  • Pitot tubes clogged.
  • The most usual hardware-related troubles were linked to DPFs. Delta pressure sensors have fissured, filters clogged ahead of schedule. Fleets complained of unwanted spikes in the regeneration processes which converted trapped soot into ash.
  • Shops frequently clean the filters ahead of schedule – after as little as 325,000 km of service — mainly to figure out developing problems while the equipment is still under warranty.
  • When drifting NOx sensors generate faulty engine codes, engines are being de-rated to inefficient speeds.
  • To face challenges, the diameters of pitot tubes were expanded to keep them clear.
  • EGR coolers have been remounted to take care of cracks.
  • New software and upgraded sensors are focusing on DPF problems.
  • The inclusion of Diesel Exhaust Fluid has also allowed earlier EGR rates to be reduced, dropping the strain caused by that process.