UD1800, UD1400, UD2000, UD2300, UD18CS, UD23DH, UD18DH, UD23LP, UD2600, UD26LP, UD3300

UD Trucks

Owned by the Volvo Group, the Japanese company UD Truck Corporation manufactures and sales trucks and buses.

UD does not focus on the American market. UD Trucks have a price disadvantage over other trucks in the US market.

UD Truck Problems
  • UD 2011 2000 and 2008 models are comfortable and look nice but may experience problems. Owners report that trucks may shut down and won't be regenerated. Trucks spend a lot of time in the shop.
  • UD trucks recalled due to Takata Global Airbag issues. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the airbag may deploy with a force different to that specified by the manufacturer, posing a risk of injury to the vehicle occupants.
  • 2300 models from 2008 and 2010 may have problems with the electrical system, regen, surging, and ABS light.
  • In models from 2008-2010, the main DPF problem is that the canister gets plugged, backing pressure and taking out the turbo and injectors.