Volvo Truck

In a 2012 study, Volvo ranks second in the on-highway segment.

Owners love the Volvo trucks because they handle great and the heavy front end offers a smooth ride. The driver comfort is high with low noise level inside, nice seats, controls all laid out in a console for ease of reach and visual access. The trucks have plenty of storage for personal items.

Volvo Truck Problems
  • In Volvos that have either the D13 or D16, it is important to know if the engine has had the injector and injector cup retrofit.
  • Models after '08 and some of the '07 models have had problems with the injector cups because of the higher injection pressures that are prone to failure. These models also had trouble with the EGR valve. The truck may need a complete software overhaul. These fixes are expensive, if not done, the trucks may have over the road breakdowns.
  • For this engine, heavy loads seem to be a problem.
  • Some owners reported having turbo trouble when idling with low old pressure.
  • In later models, Volvo has remedied higher pressure problems by installing stainless steel cups and conical injectors.
  • Models that have only the DPF and not the DPF and DEF perform well if they are inspected twice a year.
  • Volvos equipped with an ISX Cummins may have issues with the EGR and regen systems.