Certification For Diesel Powered Vehicles

In the state of California, the Air Resources Board requires that heavy-duty vehicles respect standards of maintenance established by law. The experts at Diesel Pollution Solutions are here to help you comply and certify that.

Half of the air pollution in the state is estimated to be produced by vehicles. Gross Polluters are those vehicles that emit high levels of smoke. Although they represent a small percent of the vehicle population (10-15%), they are such heavy polluters that they are likely accountable for more than half of all vehicle produced smoke.

Gross Polluters emit more smoke than all other vehicles. Therefore, fleet operators are responsible for keeping their vehicles well-maintained and sustainable. Complying with CARB's regulations and getting a certificate:

  1. Saves your vehicles from major engine failures.
  2. Extends their service lives.
  3. Saves you money.
  4. Helps you pass Smoke Inspections.
  5. Allows everyone to breathe better air.

Smoke Inspections for heavy-duty vehicles are conducted in California:

  • Every year for diesel fleets, as established in the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program.
  • When CARB's inspectors audit fleets for PSIP compliance.
  • Whenever CARB's inspectors consider it necessary to conduct roadside smoke tests for heavy-duty vehicles.

How Diesel Pollution Solutions Can Help

Diesel Pollution Solutions is staffed with experts that will certify your emission output. With the help of Diesel Pollution Solutions' team you will have:

  • Your Certificate. This is a script that we issue and sign that tells anybody looking at your records that you have been inspected.
  • A Certificate issued from the same machine (Red Mountain) as those used by CARB in their inspections.
  • The confirmation that you have conducted and passed your annual Smoke Inspection.
  • The proof that you are not a gross polluter.

Our company doesn't cover just some aspects of the activities necessary to keep your fleet compliant. Diesel Pollution Solutions' mission is to help you with all the compliance demands. We can also help you:

  • Get registered.
  • Retrofit DPFs.
  • Clean and maintain your DPFs.
  • With all your emission problems.

Frequently Asked Questions