Digital Record Keeping

The Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP), regulated and overseen by California Air Resources Board, demands that fleet operators record and keep information about their smoke inspections. Diesel Pollution Solutions can efficiently record and keep this material for your company.

Fleet operators must record and keep the following information for at least two consecutive years:

  1. The opacity meter's brand name and model.
  2. The date when the opacity meter was calibrated. This date has to be within the specifications of the manufacturer (CARB recommends that meters be calibrated at least once every 6 months).
  3. The smoke meter operator's name.
  4. The contracted smoke test or vehicle repair facility that tested the vehicles (if it is the case).
  5. Information about the applicable smoke opacity norm for the tested heavy-duty vehicle.
  6. Information about vehicles: the vehicle identification number (VIN), engine year, engine model, and the date of the test. Fleet designated VINs are also accepted.
  7. The levels for the initial smoke test (for three consecutive test readings).
  8. The result of the initial smoke test (pass or fail).
  9. The date for the post-repair test.
  10. The levels for the post-repair smoke test (for three consecutive test readings).
  11. The result of the post-repair smoke test (pass or fail).
  12. For vehicles that have failed the initial test and have been repaired, CARB also requires the vehicle repair information mentioned in section 2186(a), title 13, CCR.

It is important for fleet operators to retain that CARB can randomly audit fleets and their records maintenance. The penalty for neglecting to perform the annual inspection or for not keeping records is of $500 for every untested vehicle, per year.

Diesel Pollution Solutions Record Keeping Service

By keeping your records with us you will have the advantages of:

  • Accessibility. We make sure information is available in the long term, both for your company's use and to meet legislation requirements.
  • Security. We keep your records secure and available.
  • Ease of search. We correctly organize records to make sure they can be searched effectively and the information contained can be reused.

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