Emission Retrofits

Today's demands for operating a sustainable transport business in California can be a challenge for fleet owners and managers. Therefore, employing efficient pollution solutions is an important business decision. Adequate and reliable pollution services can help you stay on top of changes and ahead of the competition.

State environmental agencies are placing more and more pressure on transporters. Their goal is to implement changes driven by the need to reduce emissions.

Accordingly, the responsibilities of a fleet operator are expanding. The aim of delivering effective logistics has been replaced by the ability to offer not only effective but also clean freight transport.

Understanding The Truck and Bus Regulation

According to California Air Resources Board, one core problem is that many engines are too old and inadequate to operate in a clean manner in the 21st century. Vehicles equipped with such engines have issues related to oxides of nitrogen emissions and particulate matter (PM) and simply don't cut it.

The Truck and Bus regulation, approved by CARB in 2008, implements measures meant to substantially reduce PM and oxides of nitrogen emissions from currently operating diesel vehicles.

In short, the regulation demands the improvement of diesel trucks and buses to lower emissions.

  • By January 1, 2023, almost all trucks and buses will have to be equipped with 2010 model year engines or equivalent.
  • Since January 1, 2012, heavier trucks have to be retrofitted with PM filters (DPFs), and
  • Starting January 1, 2015, lighter and older trucks have to be replaced.
  • Vehicles that have to be retrofitted. The rule applies to diesel fueled trucks and buses, privately and federally owned and school buses privately and publicly owned, vehicles with a GVWR greater than 14,000 pounds.
  • As of January 2015, the penalty for non-compliant trucks can be a fine of up to $1,000 per violation per day, though CARB usually only enforces the fine once per month.

    *For more information visit CARB's Truck and Bus regulation page or their Truck Stop website.

DPF Retrofits

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is the equipment meant to remove from the exhaust gas diesel particulate matter or soot. Essentially, the DPF's intense heat burns off dangerous toxins. A DPF is installed in place of a muffler.

Retrofitting is the process of adding new features or technology to outdated systems.

Diesel Pollution Solutions can help you understand and observe CARB's regulations. We will install for your vehicles the right retrofit device and will help you maintain the equipment clean.

Diesel Pollution Solutions Simplifies Compliance

When a customer contacts us because they need one of their trucks brought into compliance, we will start by doing a full assessment that requires:

  • Prompt action to reduce breaks in his program.
  • Establishing the engine horsepower.
  • Examining the truck's duty cycle.
  • Determining the RIGHT DPF for his application and the truck's duty cycle.
  • Help in planning future equipment maintenance.

The retrofit process is a sensitive one, requiring attention and responsibility. Most companies don't do the DPF full-assessment, they just sell what they have on the shelf.

DPF retrofits could be linked to problems. Truck owners complain that the filters they have been demanded to retrofit can cause explosions or fires.

The Alliance for California Business, representing truck owners, is battling CARB in court, seeking an injunction against the Truck and Bus Regulation, asking CARB to stop mandating vehicles be retrofitted.

Their argument is that DPFs are untested for safety, unsafe, and unreliable. The combination between the diesel fuel and the filter's high temperatures sometimes sparked fires that burned trucks.

At Diesel Pollution Solutions, we know that in selecting the right DPF it is very important to examine a truck's duty cycle. For example, a trash truck that does 300 stops a day sees a lot of idling and no freeway speed. This vehicle needs a different type of DPF then a truck that goes to Vegas and comes back.

Your truck must be retrofitted with the RIGHT DPF. We're one of the very few companies that have everything, DPFs from all the manufacturers, whatever you need in the DPF world. We're a dealer of it all.

Once the DPF is installed, you are required to maintain correctly the engine and the DPF. This includes respecting the manufacturer's specifications, proper DPF cleaning, suitable fuel use, and suitable operation of the engine to meet duty cycle demands.

What Makes Our Services Unique?

  • We assess your vehicle to determine the RIGHT equipment.
  • We cover all the activities necessary to keep your fleet sustainable.
    • Registration.
    • DPF cleaning.
    • PSIP testings.
    • Overall emission solutions.
    • Certifications for diesel powered vehicles.
  • We are your partner in the mission to comply with regulations.

Our corporate office is located in San Marcos, California. We have service locations in:

  • Otay Mesa
  • El Cajon,
  • El Centro,
  • San Bernardino,
  • Palmdale,
  • Santa Maria,
  • Salinas.

Contact us to take advantage of our expertise, knowledge, and overall servicing.

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