Reliable Solutions For Compliance

Get back the time to run your business and reduce costs with our comprehensive services that cover all the aspects of your mission to comply.

You Don't Know What Rules Apply To You And When They Started

You're running your business in your industry but the legal air pollution regulations overwhelm you. In an age where environment and sustainability are of critical importance, complying and doing your part for cleaner air is crucial for your business' integrity and credibility.

If you own or manage a fleet in any field, Diesel Pollution Solutions has the right emission strategy for you. And with our expert staff and experience, you can customize it to fit your activity and needs.

Have Your Smoke Inspection (PSIP) Results In a Snap

  1. Bring your vehicle for inspection until/on December 31.
  2. We'll perform the snap acceleration test.
  3. We print out a compliance certificate.
  4. We can manage your records with our digital record keeping service.

Get The Least Expensive Option For Engine Upgrades

  1. We respect your budgetary plans.
  2. We pay attention to your overall current and future business and operational plans.
  3. We find the equipment that fits your vehicles' duty-cycle.
  4. We install equipment as fast as possible, reducing breaks in your program.

Retrofit The Diesel Particulate Filter That Won't Damage Your Truck

It is difficult to balance law requirements with your needs for efficient, functional trucks. Now you can be sure that your trucks are in compliance and run well with Diesel Pollution Solutions' DPF maintenance and cleaning service.

Whether you're running reefers, refuse trucks, or any vehicle equipped with a diesel engine, we are experts in DPF cleaning and maintenance and will service a vehicle from the start to the end of its service life.

Have Your Emission Certificate Ready For Any Inspection

CARB's presence has increased, performing roadside inspections as well as inspections on private properties.

In any inspection, it helps if the truck driver carries the current CARB certificate, DPF installation invoices, and keeps the most recent opacity test in the vehicle.

Be Ready For Any Recordkeeping and Paperwork Audit

CARB can open an enforcement case on fleet owners on a random basis or after complaints or citations. CARB can also access the DMV and CHP databases.

If audited, you should be prepared to hand over maintenance records and DPF documents in a timely manner. Diesel Pollution Solutions' digital record keeping service allows you to keep records secure and available.

Be Informed About The Emission Problems of Different Truck Models

Search our truck page for the manufacturer and the truck that interests you.

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