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Our Goals & Values

Diesel Pollution Solutions is an overall solution company. We don't cover just one aspect of the mission to comply. Our goal is to help you through the whole process from registration to retrofit to servicing the equipment after it has been retrofitted then keeping the truck into compliance through its whole life.

Tom Comeanu

"We are your partner. We're not just someone who will sell you DPF retrofits, take your money, say "thank you" then send you to see somebody else for service and maintenance. Once you come to us we're your partner in your mission to comply.”Tom Comeau - Owner

Markets We Serve

Diesel Trucking
Industrial Marine
Off-road Heavy Equipment
Diesel Generators
Refuse trucks

We service any vehicle equipped with a diesel engine. Diesel Pollution Solutions' aim is to offer customers the best emission strategies and equipment. Our emission strategies are adapted to a customer's budgetary plans, we have everything available in the DPF world, and we are mindful of long-term expenses. Our customers can rely on our constant help. We'll stay on top of law requirements for them and we'll service a vehicle from the beginning to the end of its life.

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Why choose diesel pollution solutions?

Diesel Pollution Solutions will test and certify all your heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles.


Prompt PSIP Testings


Professional DPF Retrofits


Complete DPF Maintenance


Emission Certifications

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