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California state law now requires diesel smoke testing every year.

Diesel Pollution Solutions is a provider of professional mobile diesel smoke opacity testing services.

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is testing heavy-duty trucks and buses (gross vehicle rating over 6,000 pounds) for excessive smoke and tampering. Any heavyduty vehicle operating in California,including vehicles registered in other states and foreign countries, may be tested.

ARB inspectors are conducting unannounced roadside tests at various locales, such as:

  • CHP weigh stations
  • Randomly selected roadside locations
  • Fleet facilities
  • Border crossings

An Audit will require 2 years of smoke test records. The penalty for non compliance is $500 per truck per year of missing records.

The Periodic Smoke Inspection Program was implemented in July 1996 by the California Air Resources Board. Under the program, owners of California-based fleets with two or more vehicles are required to perform annual smoke opacity tests on their heavy-duty diesel-powered vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 6,000 lbs. A fleet facility may use its own technicians or contract with a private facility to perform the smoke opacity tests. All smoke opacity tests must comply with the Society of Automotive Engineers J1667 test procedures.

• All heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles (except those with engines that are four years old or newer or those used exclusively for personal use (such as a motor home) must be tested annually with a smoke opacity meter.

• All heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles must meet the applicable opacity standards of 55% for pre-1991 engines and 40% for 1991 and newer engines.

• All heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles determined to be “non-compliant” must be repaired and retested.

• Records of opacity tests, repair information, and post repair opacity tests for each vehicle must be maintained for at least two years.

The ARB has the authority to audit the inspection records of all heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles at owner/operator designated fleet locations and may test vehicles to verify compliance. Fleets found to be non-compliant will be subject to legal action and significant civil penalties. Non-compliant fleets received heavy fines.

On this page you will find summaries of cases settled in 2009

Audits are currently being conducted year round throughout California. 

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